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     Debts collection
     Company Registrations /All Business
      accounting and Audit

Need legal advise, Please contact us  

  Mr. Bill Sukontanon  Tel : 081-659-6248 ,02-744-7133
  Fax : 02-7447134

Services we provide;

        1, Litigation

      - Civil Litigation; loan, hire purchase, credit cards, breaching sales contracts, insurance, inheritance property, buying and selling property and others.

      - Criminal Charges; stolen property, cheques, embezzlement, cheating, drugs, fake passport, bail bond and etc...

      - Labour case; Didn't get paid, workman compensation, severance pay and other disputes.

      - Taxation, bankruptcy, Internal Revenue problems, and others.

      - Conducting a youth-Family Service/Prenuptial Agreements

  2, Mediator and compromises with finance company, banks and other financial institutions either before or after court cases.

  3, Debts collection:

     - Tracking hidden property, enforcing court orders, garnishing payments etc...

     - Investigating personal background, tracking or arresting a person according to arrest warrant.

  4, Company Registration for all business:

     - Company Registration or amendments, partnership, ordinary partnership.

     - VAT Registration, specific business, taxpayer identification card.

     - Trademarks, Intellectual property, patents etc...

  5, Visa and work permit for all nationalities

  6, Legal consultant for company or organizations

  7, Accounting work and auditing






































































































































































Company Info  

Lawyer Thossapol Thosanthad

Managing Director

 Lawyer 's Company

  • Mr. Bill Sukontanon

  • Mr. Suradech Jinato

  • Mr. Prayoth Munchuvad

  • Mr. Banlop Jurapromdet

  • Mr. Sahachok Matheepitakkul

  • Mr. Anusorn Dengcharoen

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