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  Services we provide
  1. Litigation
  • Civil Litigation; loan, hire purchase, credit cards, breaching sales contract, insurance, inheritance property, buying and selling property and others.
  • Criminal Charges; stolen property, cheques, embezzlement, cheating, drugs, fake passport, bail bond and etc...
  • Labour case; Didn't get paid, workman compensation, severance pay and other disputes.
  • Taxation, bankruptcy, Internal Revenue problems, and others.
  • Conducting a youth-Family Service/Prenuptial Agreements.


  2. Debts collection
  • Tracking hidden property, enforcing court orders, garnishing payments etc...
  • Tracking or arresting a person according to arrest warrant.


  3. Company Registration for all business
  • Company Registration or amendments, partnership, ordinary partnership.
  • VAT Registration, specific business, taxpayer identification card.
  • Trademarks, Intellectual property, patents etc...


  4. Legal consultant for company or organizations
  5. Other Services
  • Draft contract for inspection of all type.
  • License from the factory.
  • Visa and work permit for all nationalities.






















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